Graduate-Awards-in-Engagement-(2).pngNL SUPPORT Graduate Awards for Engagement

The Graduate Awards for Engagement Program is closed until further notice.

Total Maximum Amount: $1,000
Duration: All awarded funding MUST BE SPENT before December 31, 2019.
Awards per Funding Cycle: Up to 5 
Application Deadline: None

Full guidelines for this award are available HERE.
Application forms are available HERE.
Letter templates are available HERE

Purpose & General Guidelines

The NL SUPPORT Graduate Awards for Engagement program will support graduate student projects of high scientific quality that are of direct relevance to the mandate and priorities set by NL SUPPORT. Patient-Oriented research is research which:
  • Includes patients as partners in research
  • Addresses patient-identified priorities
  • Impacts patient outcomes directly
NL SUPPORT will award up to $5,000 in Awards for Engagment in 2019-2020, with a funding cap of $1,000 per award. These Awards are designed to:
·         To support patient-oriented research programs in need of support for patient engagement,
·         To assist students in developing skills and capacity in patient engagement
Funds will be released only upon the receipt of a letter of approval from the appropriate ethics review committee (see Ethics, Once a proposal has been funded, major changes in the project design or major departures from the budget will require the prior approval from NL SUPPORT.


This award is open to current and prospective trainees doing translational, applied or other patient-oriented research only; no funding is available for basic science research.  Graduate student applicants must be accepted as a full-time student at Memorial University of Newfoundland before the funding can be made available. The proposed research project (thesis) to be undertaken by the student must pertain to TPMI projects or sub programs such as CHIA or NL SUPPORT (for more information, see:; applicants are not required to have already engaged patients in their research, but a focus on patient oriented research including active patient engagement is a requirement. Applicants must be within the first 12 months of their Master’s program or the first 24 months of their PhD program to qualify for support. 

Full guidelines for this award are available HERE.