KEY TO FULFILLING THE MANDATE of NL SUPPORT is supporting and facilitating ongoing training in Patient-Oriented Research (POR) among students, researchers, policymakers and decision-makers in the province. The best way to focus those efforts is to figure out what the people in those groups feel that they need, and earlier this year, our Training and Capacity Development lead, Eva Vat ( conducted a survey to determine just that. 

Via a web-based survey, NL SUPPORT asked 136 local researchers, students, decision-makers and professionals what kind of training they felt would be most helpful for their POR needs.

The results of the needs assessment show that training in the topics below would be most helpful:

1. Practical guide to plan the involvement of patients (n=71)
2. Methods for health outcome research and (big) data analysis (n=68)
3. Health economic evaluation methods (n=65)
4. Writing grant applications with a patient-oriented focus (n=65)
5. Strategies to develop interventions to improve health outcomes (n=62)
In response, we have developed a Patient and Public Engagement Planning Template. For guidance on getting started, important things to consider and how to recruit patients, contact NL SUPPORT.

In addition, a training and capacity development plan is in development. Keep an eye on SUPPORT Letters for upcoming training and capacity opportunities -- webinars, certificate programs, etc. 

If you have a question or suggestion, please contact Eva Vat, Training and Capacity lead