Original photo by Charlie Foster, licensed under Creative Commons Zero

Translational and Personalized Medicine Initiative Research Day 
On October 8th, 2015 the researchers and administrators of the Translational and Personalized Medicine Initiative (TPMI), including NL SUPPORT, CHIA and other members of the local patient-oriented and genomic research community, held its first Research Day at the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University.

A full-day event, Research Day featured two dozen presentations from a diverse collection of participants, from graduate students working on new applied health research projects, to established senior researchers reporting on ongoing projects facilitated by TPMI funding, to technical administrative staff showing off the wealth of new infrastructure available to the jurisdiction for data management and storage. Broadly, the presentations can be categorized as pertaining to either New Quality of Care projects (4.1MB .zip), reports from ongoing Quality of Care projects (7.5MB .zip), and a slate of Translational Genomics projects (9.0MB .zip). Individual presentations are as follows:

New Quality of Care Projects:

Ongoing Quality of Care Project Reports:

Translational Genomics Projects:

Other Presentations: