Funding Opportunities

NL SUPPORT is proud of our efforts to grow patient-oriented research in our province through a program of direct support for professionals and students.

Health Professional-led Research Funding

The purpose of the Health Professional-led Research Funding is to develop patient-oriented research and evaluation capacity amongst health professionals. We anticipate running two competitions per financial year and up to five projects will be funded per annum. The value of this award is up to $10,000 per annum.

Applications will open again in Fall 2022.

Graduate Student Funding

A mandate of NL SUPPORT/Quality of Care NL is to foster an atmosphere of learning, capacity development and sustainability within patient-oriented research. Under this mandate, we will endeavor to nurture the next generation of methodologists and researchers, as well as provide career development for the current cohort of researchers and staff. To that end, we will provide support in the form of graduate student fellowships each year.

Applications will open again in Fall 2022.

NL SUPPORT Undergraduate Training in Research Assistance (NUTRA)

NL SUPPORT offers opportunities for patient-oriented researchers and undergraduate students at Memorial University to work together to create a new way of doing research together. The NUTRA program is designed to match ongoing research programs with interested early-career researchers, and provide stipend funding of $5,000 for up to 16 weeks.

Applications will open again in Fall 2022.